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Video Recordings

Latin Carnaval Video Demo

In 2006 Latin Carnaval met to record a video sampling of their wares at Melao's Club in Houston. Featured on the video excerpt is (from left to right): Edward Grigassy, guitar; Thomas Helton, bass; Rodrigo Gamboa, guitar / vocals / percussion; and Vladimir Kotsiouruba, violin. Lights and camera were generously provided by Rick Williams (thank you, Rick!).


Sabor a Mi by A.Carillo / M. Mitchell,

El Choclo by Villoldo

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In early 2000, Edward Grigassy (guitar) and Rodrigo Gamboa (guitar, vocals) began working together performing Latin standards and Argentine Tango for live local milongas. In 2001, Grigassy and Gamboa began performing under the group name "Latin Carnaval ."

Latin Carnaval specializes in performing authentic music from many regions of Latin America: Tango in the traditional Argentine style, Brazilian Bossa Nova and Samba standards, Cuban Son and Guajira, Venezulean Joropo and Vals, and the Bambuco and Pasillo folk styles of Colombia.

With their very diverse backgrounds (Texas, Colombia, Australia, Ukraine and other locales), the members of Latin Carnaval bring a fresh new perspective to their interpretations of the great dance and art music of the western hemisphere. Current members include: Anthony Caceres (bass), Thomas Helton (bass), Judy Dines (flute), and Vladimir Kotsiouruba (violin).

Audio Samples

Latin Carnaval can be heard on the

Latin Carnaval debut CD: "Sueño de Barrilete"
(Download instructions below):

Better audio quality for these tracks of "Sueño de Barrilete" can be found here:

Audio Recordings

Members of Latin Carnaval are currently in the studio working feverishly on several new audio projects. More to come....

but in the mean time you can listen to or purchase:

"Sueño de Barrilete"
(now available on-line at: )

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